Anna-Maja Henriksson


"My heart beats for Jakobstad. Good values need their defenders!"

I am the mother of two wonderful girls, Malin and Mikaela. Married to Janne. I have a degree in law and have worked as a banking lawyer for 20 years in Jakobstad before I got elected to the Finnish Parliament in 2007. I am born and raised in Jakobstad.

In 2016, I was elected as the leader of the Swedish People's Party of Finland. I am the Minister of Justice in Sanna Marin's government.

Name: Anna-Maja Henriksson
Year of birth: 1964
Municipality: Jakobstad
Member in:

Important political topics

The best school

I often say that our school is our crown jewel. Finland's successes are built on education, research and innovation. Education is one of the most important keystones to making sure that all children have equal opportunities in life.

We need to keep investing in a school of high quality, a good day care, and leisure activities for both children and youth.

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Healthy residents

The better the residents are feeling, the better is also the residents' life quality, the city's employment rate, the city's economy and the overall welfare in the city. We need to invest in our children and youth as well as take care of our elderly. Health care services should always be easily accessible and close to the residents.

We need to do more to prevent drug related problems and marginalization. Everyone should be able to feel safe when walking on the streets of our city.

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Well-run economy and business

Jakobstad needs to grow. We need to attract more residents as well as make sure that the residents who already live in Jakobstad want to stay here. I want Jakobstad to create better opportunities for our businesses to grow, so that new jobs can be created. By doing that, we can make sure that the economy is sustainable and the service is good, also in the future. Cooperation both within the region and with other regions is important. We are stronger together.

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