Hizzatul Alam Hemal


"Let's build a youth-friendly, healthy and an ideal municipality together."

Hello everyone,
I am from Bangladesh. I have moved to Jakobstad in 2016 for my studies. I am doing my bachelors program at Centria University of Applied Sciences. I enjoy doing sports activities during my leisure time. I was playing football in (IF Standard) in 2017. I also play Badminton and Cricket.

I am also a member of Svensk Ungdom - RKP-nouret. I love to work for the betterment of the youths.

Name: Hizzatul Alam Hemal
Year of birth: 1996
Municipality: Jakobstad
Town: Jakobstad
Title: Student
Email: hemalalam60@gmail.com
Phone: +358413178333
Member in:

Important political topics

Young people's well-being

We all know that Finland is one of the happiest countries in this world. But still now some factors need improvements. Some of our youths are having difficulties in different sectors of life. We need to build a municipality where the youths will grow up both physically and mentally. Because they are the future of this country.

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