Heidi Matinlassi


"Pietarsaari has so much potential and I want to be a part of developing the city even better place to our inhabitants. Well-doing companies and well-being inhabitants make the ground to attract even more people to move in."

I moved to Pietarsaari for the first time 1996 and the second time as a returnee 2015, after over ten years abroad. I've always been amazed by this, my granmom's childhood city, of its architecture, the maritime atmosphere and entrepreneurial spirit.

I have a background as a professional football player both in Norway and Sweden, and I've been honoured to represent our country, Finland, in totally 19 international caps. Thanks to football I've experienced a lot and that's even given me so much help and principles to my working role. One of the guidelines is teamwork. You can't score the goals by yourself and the matches are impossible to win without the team around you.

I live with my partner and our 3 children in Kyrkostrand/Kirkkoranta. We appreciate multifaceted freetime possibilities, active lifestyle, family and friends. We have found a good place to live and our children to take root. We have close to the woods, school, kindergarten and grocery store and the city center is close enough to bike to.

Name: Heidi Matinlassi
Year of birth: 1978
Municipality: Jakobstad
Town: Pietarsaari
Title: Project Manager
Email: heidimatinlassi@hotmail.com
Phone: 0440896102

Important political topics

Healthy residents

Wellbeing and health make the ground for our living. It's important that the basic services are functional and well driven for all ages.
Schools, kindergarten, mental health, social and helth services and care for the elderly are services what should be supported.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

Well-doing companies are tha a&o for well-being inhabitants. Companies promote employment, generate more work places and tax incomes. It's important that we want to achieve processes where the innovations, investments and establishments are smooth. We also need to cooperate to attract talents to our companies.

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