Hannes Gustafsson


"Opportunities for residents is key towards well-being."

I am a 20 year old Swedish-speaking Finn born and raised in Hanko, with a big interest for politics and social sciences.
I want to work towards a business-friendly town that attracts people all year around.
I consider it important to further develop the cooperation between schools in Hanko.
Welfare amongst the youth is something I highly value. The voices of young people must be heard.
A diverse range of opportunities is important for welfare and attracts people to both stay and move into Hanko.

Name: Hannes Gustafsson
Year of birth: 2001
Municipality: Hanko
Town: Hanko
Title: Student
Member in:

Important political topics

Young people's well-being

Young people's well-being is something I highly value. It is important to monitor young people's physical and mental health already from a young age.
By increasing different opportunities for young people we increase their well-being and the chance of them staying in Hanko.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

Hanko must be a business-friendly town! By being so it increases the employment rate as well as the chance of people moving into Hanko. We should appreciate investments that have been and will be put into our city.

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Upper secondary school and vocational training

We have two good upper secondary schools that we shall hold on to. A wider cooperation between the schools should be prioritised.

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