Christoffer "Toffe" Hällfors


"I want every resident of Sibbo to be as well as possible!"

I am 34 year old dad to a young daughter who lives in Sibbo. I work as political and data analyst at SFP. My major was in political science when I studied to my Master i political science at Åbo Akademi Vasa. I am also an active hunter and forestowner. I am originally from Lappträsk where I was active in the politics for 10 years. I was 10 years in the council and the two last years as chair of the municipal board. I also ran for parliament in 2011 and for the european parliament in 2019. I have a vast knowledge about politics and community organizing that I now would want to put in use in Sipoo as well!

Name: Christoffer "Toffe" Hällfors
Year of birth: 1986
Municipality: Sipoo
Town: Sibbo | Kyrkoby
Title: Analyst
Phone: 0405610970

Important political topics