Larrie Griffis


""Honesty and logic rather than easy populism""

I wanted to become an economist, but life wanted something else.
Instead, I worked for seventeen years in the hotel, restaurant and nightclub industry, of which six years as a restaurateur for my own theater restaurant. For several years I worked at the Gothenburg Opera as a dressmaker, waiter and extra. After moving to Finland, I studied alongside the work at the author education "Litterärt skapande" at Åbo Akademin. Since then I have written three plays that have been staged at the Mosebacketeatern as well as Gothenburg and Stockholm city theaters. After working for twelve years in child care in Espoo, of which four years as a teacher in early childhood education, I am today the responsible cultural producer at Luckan Helsinki. And now it's time to run for office. Let's do this election a good one. You voters deserve good representatives for your opinions and votes.

Name: Larrie Griffis
Year of birth: 1969
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Helsinki
Title: Cultural Producer
Member in:

Important political topics

Healthy residents

I work for a safe, bullying-free day care and school with smooth transitions between classes where conscious adults protect the young people's inviolability in terms of bullying.
The same goes for adults. Their workplace must be safe and free from harassment and occupational safety must be provided with sufficient tools and support to enable them to take care of this. With a safe everyday life, we perform much better together.

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I work for an equal society where the individual conditions mark the way for personal development. Where adequate support services are readily available as a complement. I work for an everyday life where competence is rewarded and effort is encouraged and supported.
The discussion should, in my opinion, be less about whether or not there are differences between the sexes in terms of choice of work and education and more about experiences and proper education for the specific task.

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Culture is so multifaceted that I focus here on the part that pertains to the various art forms.
Culture is about communication, a way of conveying a thought, an opinion, a feeling, a story ... It is one of the foundations that brought humanity forward; our ability to express ourselves, tell, teach or warn. We have done this through sound, movement and image. The cultural forms of expression are so deeply rooted in us that we sometimes tend to forget how enormously important they are to us humans. I work daily to illuminate, consider and, in particular, preserve the various cultural forms of expression that operate in Swedish Finland. For its unique way of expression and its survival.

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