Simon Granroth

"A voice for science and compassion. Evidence-based knowledge is the basis for all successful policy making."

I am a science communicator and social psychologist, and have been described as curious and driven. I appreciate curiosity and empathy, as well as freedom from prejudice. I believe in the good in every human being and envision a future where humanity lives in harmony with nature and in peace with one another - where no one is bound by the cards they are randomly assigned at birth, but are free to shape their lives in accordance with their ambitions.

For me, politics is joint problem solving, and the common strife for a better future. Here, the scientific mindset is important to me. Science is about curiosity, understanding, and truth. The scientific method is a means by which we may counter cognitive biases, logical fallacies, and prejudice - And in the process hopefully become a more empathetic, enlightened and noble species.

Name: Simon Granroth
Year of birth: 1990
Municipality: Helsinki
Title: Science Communicator, MSSc.
Member in:

Important political topics

A pioneer in climate and the environment

The climate crisis and the collapse of the biospheres are critical challenges of our time. Our energy economy, transport, and agriculture must be revised in order for our emissions to fall significantly and eventually reach carbon zero. We should invest in wind, sun, geothermal, and nuclear power and simultaneously place strong incentives for the energy sector to replace large scale combustion of fossil fuels with ecologically sustainable low-emission alternatives. We will lead the way for an effective and equal climate policy.

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Every human being's life is a sum of their choices, chance, and the governing structures of society. I believe we ought to minimize the significance of chance by guaranteeing each individual the prerequisites for a good life through access to education as well as social and economic security. We must always stand up to bigotry and oppression, and empower those who have been rendered powerless by no fault of their own.

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The best school

Evidence-based knowledge is the basis for all successful policy making. The scientific community ought to be consulted extensively in the legislative process. The funding of science, education and research must be secured at all times to guarantee the freedom of thought and ideas. Researchers, universities and research institutes must be given the opportunity to plan their work long-term and preferably free of political and financial barriers. Investments in education at all levels always pays off in the form of equality and innovation. Access to quality education also counteracts exclusion and idiocracy, and is a prerequisite for any democracy to fulfill its potential.

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