Christoph Gareis


"For sustainable development and solidarity"

- came from Germany to Finland for almost 20 years due to work
- married to a Finnish-Swedish wife; two adult children
- already active in the treatment of biowaste throughout adulthood
- passionate for environmental protection and liberal solidarity

Name: Christoph Gareis
Year of birth: 1965
Municipality: Kirkkonummi
Town: Kirkkonummi
Title: Operational manager for biocycling

Important political topics

A pioneer in climate and the environment

The earth survives without us but we do not without taking care about nature. It shows us how to manage survive for millions of years: with recycling. We have to think in cycles.

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To avoid anxiety or reservation towards strangers, we should get to know them. In doing so, one notices that we are all just human beings with the goal of having a happy life.

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Public transport

Traffic should take place as often as possible by public transport. There should be alternatives for owning your own car. The production of a lot of new electric cars is not sustainable.

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