Annette Forsblom


"Keep the countryside alive! Bevara landsbygden levande! Pidä maaseutu elävänä!"

I've been retired for a month now!
In working life I worked with persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The last ten years I have worked in early childhood education and in the school world. I'm married and have three adult children and three grandchildren. I live in Illby, a village in Porvoo. The welfare of the children and to keep the countryside alive are my main interests.

Name: Annette Forsblom
Year of birth: 1957
Municipality: Porvoo
Town: Illby, Porvoo
Phone: 408139194
Member in:

Important political topics

Healthy residents

Well -being citizens includes everyone from the cradle to the grave, whom is conserned by desicions conserning educational sector, home and family, safe school travel, healthy diet and habits, exercise, environment, city and countryside, work, kulture, life stance and good care. Good local politics is a good start on supporting possibilites for well-being citizens.

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The world’s most child-friendly country

All political desicions should undergo child impact analysis, to ensure that childrens rights are considered and the impacts of the desicions have a child perspective. The best interest of the child must always come first.

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Climate-smart municipality

We shall prioritize ecological farming, which is gentle on nature, insects and human. We should not use GMO ( genetically modified) crops!

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