Veronica Fellman


"Always present "

My profession is CEO and Property Manager.
My examinations include Master of Arts from Helsinki University, MBA from Aalto University, rector from Helsinki University and ITS Property Manager.
I like to jog in the free air, to do aerobics, play the piano and read.

Name: Veronica Fellman
Municipality: Kauniainen
Town: Kauniainen
Title: CEO, Property Manager
Phone: 0504097489
Member in:

Important political topics

Healthy residents

Kauniainen is the world’s happiest city. I want to keep it that way. If the inhabitants feel well, they thrive and want to live on in the city. We should take extra care of the old and the young, so that they have meaningful doings. In that way everybody in the society has a good time.

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Well-run economy and business

In order for the residents to feel good in the city, the economy of the municipal has to be in good shape. The taxation should not be too high, but there should be possibilities of getting the services and products you need from the municipal. Therefore also the entrepreneurs should be able to survive.

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