Björn Fant


"The curriculum of the primary and the secondary school must be focused on general knowledge. The needs of every pupil must be included in the supervision. The needs of the business world must influence all planning."

I am born on the west coast of Finland and I got my higher school examination from Vasa Svenska Lyceum. After the examination from science studies at the University Helsinki my home has been in Helsinki. The research work for my doctor`s degree in physics was performed at the Research Institute for Physics in Stockholm with financial support both from the University of Helsinki and Sweden. During my whole work career, I have been affiliated to the University of Helsinki with teaching and research work perform in international cooperation.
I am interested of the development of our society and I have been involved in many committees and associations. I am interested of teamwork and I think that I due to my education and my experience can handle decision making in the administration of our town.

Name: Björn Fant
Year of birth: 1942
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Helsinki
Title: PhD, Docent (Associate Professor)
Phone: +358505003280

Important political topics

The best school

The primary school needs recourses the provide individual training for all pupils. This will support the development of the pupil and hopefully prevent drop out. All pupils do not have the ability to profit theoretical education. They may need practical training to maintain their motivation.
The general knowledge in the curriculum of the secondary school supports the learning of special courses. General knowledge is also needed in the working life. In the vocational education it is important to support all pupils to receive their examination. Through trainee positions our degree of employments may be increased.

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Healthy residents

In the reorganization of the health care the patient must be in the focus, not administration. The patient service of the health care system must be improved. The network of health stations must be densely.
It is on our duty to take care of the older population at home or in group home to bring them feeling safe.

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Housing and construction

The city of Helsinki is the engine of Finland and attracts residents from other parts of Finland and from abroad. The demand of apartments is huge, and this requires concentrated building and tall buildings. The well faire of the residents must be considered in all planning. We need green areas and areas for recreation in the urban environment. We enjoy our walking paths along the shores. The collective transportation must be so attractive that drivers are willing to leave their cars at home or on a parking place close to a train or metro station.

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