Emilia Mattsson


"The future in Porvoo is sustainable, also in the long run. Economically responsible, socially equal, and ecologically thoughtful. These three together build a cycle, a city with sustainable development."

I am a young adult born in Porvoo. In the fall i moved back to my beloved hometown after I finished my studies. Now I want to influence the everyday life and future of the people in Porvoo.

My interest in municipality politics started from my studies in Public Administration. I also work at the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities (Kuntaliitto), and every day I take part of interesting projects and idea. Ideas that Porvoo would benefit from!

I want to work for a sustainable Porvoo. For a city that is economically responsible, also in the long run. The social equality and the resident’s well-being are important. We also need environmental measures, so we can enjoy our beautiful setting. The ingredients to o my success recipe for the city is a sustainable economy, a sustainable social equality, and a sustainable ecology. With cooperation in these three sectors, we build a sustainable and well-being Porvoo. You can read more of these three subjects a bit further down on the page.

We need more young people in Porvoo politics. Porvoo already works with thoughts for the future, but we can be better on the sustainable development in the city. That requires new initiatives. If I get elected, I am ready to give time to the work in the council, and also to take responsibility to take harder decisions. At the same time, I am motivated to learn new things, and affect the politics in a sustainable way.

Name: Emilia Mattsson
Year of birth: 1995
Municipality: Porvoo
Town: Porvoo
Title: Master of Political Science
Email: emilia.mattsson@elisanet.fi
www: https://kommunalval.sfp.fi/fi/ehdokkaat/emilia-mattsson/
Member in:

Important political topics

Well-run economy and business

Sustainable economy means a responsible economy to me. The biggest challenge for Porvoo in the next four years is how the city organizes its tasks and economy after the health and social services reform. A large part of the tax revenue and well-being tasks move over to the new county, where the city doesn’t have a big say. Porvoo as an organization need to be on a steady ground after the reform, and influence in the counties, to get the best result for our people.

• The economy in Porvoo needs to strengthen to be successful after the reform. The Covid-19 pandemic had crushed the municipality budget. 2020 wasn’t a catastrophic economic year because the government gave huge support packages. We cannot count on getting more economic support in the future. Porvoo cannot live over its economic bounds. A private person in deep debt is not sustainable, and neither is it sustainable for a city. The debt in Porvoo is already over 3000 euros per inhabitant. I want to reduce the city’s debt.

• I want to see a competitive taxation. Realistic as I am, I don’t see that we can lower the tax level, but I do not want to raise them either. Savings need to be found in other ways.

• Employment services is a new task for the municipality. Employment politics are very important. The number of how many people are employed has gone down during the pandemic, and I am worried, especially for the young unemployed people. During the spring there is a test of employment services in the municipalities, and if the test goes well, the task can belong to the municipalities in the future. This is a good thing. I think the city is closer to the inhabitant than the regional level and can therefore influence better. The more people employed is better for the tax income and gives better well-being on individual level.

• We need to be a business-friendly city. The businesses create jobs and bring tax revenue. It needs to be attractive to start up a business in Porvoo, but we also need to take care of the businesses well-being, so they don’t shut down or move.

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Healthy residents

Social development means the well-being, safety, and participation of the inhabitants to me. Equality should be promoted now, but also for the future. I want to work for the following:

• An education of good quality for our children is important. Porvoo needs to follow trends and offer good education possibilities. Bullying needs actions.

• We shall develop the center as a social place. The center of Porvoo should be the place, where inhabitants want to gather (after the pandemic). The center needs development, so it is attractive to businesses and its residents.

• We should exploit digitalization and automation in the city’s daily operations. At the same time, we cannot forget that all citizens are not equally technical. An example of injustice was the vaccination booking process to the flu shot in the fall. The citizens were able to book a time online right away, while the people who called had to wait much longer.

• I support Participatory Budgeting. In a participatory budget the residents can vote for which projects the city should execute with tax money. Good practical examples can be found from Helsinki and Tuusula.

• Because the social and health services are moving to the county level, I don’t think I can influence these matters in the city council. That is why I will leave these subjects out of my campaign. Although, if we can influence, I believe we need more psychologists. The mental health is as important as the physical health.

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Climate-smart municipality

Environmental sustainability means to me working for our environment and preserve the beautiful city we have. For climate skeptics these suggestions are not away for you, because my suggestions make the city cleaner and better, which benefits everyone.

• Porvoo should be the best at garbage recycling. Recycling should be easy and should not be expensive. Many housing companies already have plastic and biodegradable sorting, but private homes should be better at this.

• Reduce consumption via development of the library. The library can lend out much more that books. In a circular economy everyone does not have to own their own gear.

• I support a train connection from Helsinki to Porvoo and East. It is an expensive project, but when the trains comes, Porvoo becomes more attractive, which brings more tax revenue.

• A dog forest would benefit dog owners, but also others. Dogs without leashes would be referred to the dog forest.

• We need action-documents, which regulate food waste, and require sustainability prin-cipals in public procurements (when the city buys services and stuff).

• The city as owner of capital should set measurable sustainability goals, and continuously share how well the administration fulfills these.

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