Didrik Beukelman


"Give me your voice and let it be heard!"

I am a 22 year old chefstudent who dosen't know when to keep my mouth shut, so I decided to instead use it for something good.

When I'm faced with a problem I do not want to avoid it but instead solve it.
However, I believe the only way to make the right decision is by listening to the people affected by the result and discuss it with them. Everyone should be heard and feel that they can be heard. That's why I've decided to always keep my phone and email open for anyone to contact me.

I want to be seen as one for the people, I'm not running so that I can enforce my own ideas and think that I know best. Instead I'm always gonna enter a discussion with an open mind.

Together we do it best!

Name: Didrik Beukelman
Year of birth: 1999
Municipality: Vaasa
Town: Vasklot
Title: Chefstundet
Email: didrikbeukelman@gmail.com
Phone: 0440522597
Member in:

Important political topics

Young people's well-being

The youth are more depressed than earlier.
I believe it's caused by a lack of spear time activities and understanding young people.

But I also want to make sure that there are enough psychologists and psychiatrists in every school. At the moment a student can easily wait more than a month in line, my goal would be to lower that to an maximum of one week.

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Every child should have the right to participate in at least one hobby, and the families that can't afford the hobbies of their children should be able to get compensation for it.

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Public transport

Public transport is essential for Vasa and it's citizens, it's the best way to make Vasa more green and it also gives the residents the opportunity to easily move around.
It can also remove the need for a car only meant to take you to and from work.

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