Daniel Björkhem


"The best school, support entrepeneurship and better integration! "

Born and raised in Kristianstad in the South of Sweden. Raised in a bi lingual (swedish/finnish) environment. I've lived in Porvoo since 2010. I'm married and have two children in school age (7 and 10). Sport and nature has always been close to my heart. I love to travel and get to know people from other cultures. On my spare time I'm doing Triathlon and spending time with my family. I'm currently working with process safety in the chemical industry. On the side I'm also an entrepreneur. I want work for a viable Porvoo where the citizens are in focus. Integration, school and entrepeurships are important topics for me.

Name: Daniel Björkhem
Year of birth: 1982
Municipality: Porvoo
Town: Porvoo
Title: Master's of Science, Father of two children
Email: danielbjorkhem@gmail.com
Phone: +358408446091

Important political topics


As I have myself come from a foreign country to Finland and lived abroad many times I know it is not always easy. I think we still need to do a better job of integrating new comers. Getting a job and learning the language is key of getting integrated to the society.

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The best school

To invest in our children and the school is the best we can do for the future. Finland has been a role model for many years, but is no longer in the top range, here we can do better.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

Entrepreneurs are vital for Porvoo to maintain the high quality services. I want to work for enabling the best environments for entrepreneurship now and in the future.

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