Daniel Allén


"For a developing city."

Im your average guy.

Im a 37 years old father off 2 girls. I live in Fårsby, Loviisa.

I work in infratechnics construction in Terrawise Oy.
Therefore my best knowledge might sprout from there.

In my spare time im in to fishing ando i also run a small comppany wich services fishing reels.

I often have different projekts ongoing.

In late fall 2020 i decided that its time really to take part in making things happend arround my hometown instead off just shouting out on the internet. Hopefully this project will last for the next 4 years atleast.

Name: Daniel Allén
Year of birth: 1984
Municipality: Loviisa
Email: d.kristian.allen@gmail.com
Phone: 0414349773

Important political topics

Functional infrastructure

Well funktioning infrastructure and developing it further must naturraly, trough my profession be the theme where i am most experienced in.

Im looking forward to work in the most cost-effective ways when it comes to buidling new and maintainig the existing infrastructure.

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Healthy residents

Well funktioning and easily accessible health services troughout the city is a main priority.

Here i would like to work together with our citizens to find good solutions, in a cost-effective way offcourse.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

The Employment rates in Loviisa have dropped near to an all time low. There must be something we can do about that locally, and that is where i want to work together with our well doing big companies, and citizens off course.

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