Nina Colliander-Nyman


I’m a journalist and master of political science. I have spent my childhood and youth here in Kauniainen and my husband and I moved back when we started our family. Today we have three children, all of whom have attended daycare and school here. I have been a member of the City Council in Kauniainen since 2012. I currently chair the Swedish-speaking Education and Early Childhood Education committee. The assignment is very inspiring and interesting and I am proud and grateful for the great work that is carried out in our kindergartens and schools every day for the benefit of children and young people. In politics I believe in cooperation and clear communication. This is how good decisions are made.

Name: Nina Colliander-Nyman
Year of birth: 1967
Municipality: Kauniainen
Town: Kauniainen
Title: Journalist, master of political science

Important political topics