Stephen Cole


"“Leading by example, equality, enterprise, sustainability, tolerance and a common responsibility”"

I am a retired businessman/entrepreneur originally from Great Britain. I have worked in my family businesses, for most of my working life.

I was honoured to be elected Chairman of our local County Business organisation which I held for over twenty years. Some years later, I was also privileged to be appointed as a Director for a UK National business organisation, the Federation of Small Businesses.

I have held several positions on the European Union Structural Funding Committees. I was appointed by the Government to represent the business sector on the Wales European Union European Social Fund (ESF). This committee approved and monitored funding for projects throughout Wales.

In 2004, I was appointed Chairman of the local County Council European Committee which was responsible for overseeing European Funding in the local county/municipality area. As a result, I was deeply humbled when I was invited to meet with the Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace.

In Finland, I founded the British in Finland group. I am involved with looking after and helping British citizens affected by the UK-EU Brexit. I am also the Treasurer of the Anglo Finnish Guild (formally the Finnish Church Guild).

I have a Finnish wife and a Finnish family living in Kirkkonummi. I have been visiting Finland since 1974 and have now made Kirkkonummi and Finland, my home.

It is an honour for me to stand in the Kirkkonummi Municipality Election. I hope to gain the trust and support of the Kirkkonummi people by offering myself for election and representing you. I hope my wide experience will be of benefit to the people of Kirkkonummi.

Let’s make Kirkkonummi a prosperous and a safe place for all of us to live, study, work and spend our leisure time.

Name: Stephen Cole
Year of birth: 1952
Municipality: Kirkkonummi
Town: Kirkkonummi Centre
Title: MBA Retired Businessman
Phone: 0403611283

Important political topics


It is important that all residents living in Kirkkonummi feel that they are part of the community/municipality and are equally represented at all levels.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

Employment gives the municipality dignity and the ability to provide for the family, community and the country. Entrepreneurship will help to bring that employment into the community/municipality.

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