Charlotta Jakobsson


"Entrepreneurship &procurement for a sustainable future "

Espoo citizen since 2001
Mother of 2 children
Procurement professional
Master of Business Administration
Interests: running & swimming

Name: Charlotta Jakobsson
Year of birth: 1978
Municipality: Espoo
Town: Espoo, Vanttila
Title: Purchaser

Important political topics

Entrepreneurship and employment

It is important to support entrepreneurship in the municipality to create work opportunities and enhance the wellbeing of the citizens.

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Well-run economy and business

I want to highlight the importance of procurement-and tendering processes that are realized in an ethically, socially, economically and environmentally sustainable way, for a good future.

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A pioneer in climate and the environment

The climate and the environment are important. Each one of us can contribute to the use of environmentally sustainable alternatives. The municipality can here help the citizens by offering and supporting the use of environmentally friendly solutions.

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