Karin Cederlöf


Hi! I am Karin Cederlöf, candidate for SFP in the municipal elections in June 2021. I am a lawyer, live in Haukilahti and I work as a senior specialist at the Ministry of the Environment.
The best thing about Espoo is that the city is close to nature and the sea and has good schools.

Growing up in Espoo, I had the opportunity to participate in hobbies in both Swedish and Finnish and walk around in nature with my family. The school gave me both encouragement and tools to choose my path in life. In the family, we cycled almost everywhere as the service and the school were at a short distance. Espoo should continue to hold on to these trump cards in the future.

There are still things to improve.

Espoo should profile itself as a modern city, but at the same time close to nature. It has been worrying to follow how the city has developed in recent years, as less and less space has been left to nature and in some places monotonous high-rise areas have been built without anything green.

Climate mitigation must be given priority: the municipalities' efforts are crucial for the whole of Finland's climate goals. Espoo can do a lot to reduce its emissions, including investing in public transport, cycling and the transition to fossil-free energy.

Espoo should also in the future offer high-quality education. We can not afford to save on education. I am worried about the consequences that Espoo's intended cuts in education will have.

I have been working with rights of the elderly for quite some time. Elderly people deserve good care and care: no one should have to be afraid of being left without the service to which they are entitled.

Name: Karin Cederlöf
Year of birth: 1994
Municipality: Espoo
Email: karin@karincederlof.fi
Phone: 0504949780
www: https://www.karincederlof.fi
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