Oscar Byman


"For Helsinki - today and tomorrow."

We need capable decision-makers that gaze towards the future, but keep their feet steadily on the ground. Brave decision-makers that take action today, instead of brawling with the problems tomorrow. Progressive decision-makers that envision improvements, but strive towards them pragmatically. Curious decision-makers that are enthusiastic for the future, whom consult science and experts when planning for it. Emphatic decision-makers that want to give everyone opportunities to succeed, and see everyone for who they are. Responsible decision-makers that work for Helsinki as a whole.

I want to ensure that Helsinki is a competitive city where companies are given conditions to succeed. We should develop Helsinki as a city to study in, be a role model for ambitious sustainable solutions, keep up an international profile and ensure that all kids and young people have possibilities to engage in sports and exercise.

24-year old student at Hanken School of Economics. Lives in Jätkäsaari.

Name: Oscar Byman
Year of birth: 1996
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Jätkäsaari
Title: B.Sc. Economics and Business Administration
Email: byman2021@gmail.com
www: https://oscarbyman.blogspot.com
Member in:

Important political topics

Well-run economy and business

Helsinki should be an internationally competitive city where businesses and companies are given conditions to succeed and employ individuals. Helsinki’s economy should remain balanced and tax levels competitive. Due to the pandemic unemployment levels in Helsinki have risen dramatically. The numbers are especially alarming for young people – almost twice as many under 30-year olds were unemployed in December compared to the same time last year, according to the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Employment. When society reopens, getting people back to work should be a priority!

We should remain responsive to businesses’ needs and create conditions for creating new jobs in Helsinki. Companies developing innovations for tomorrow should be supported. Private entrepreneurship should be encouraged. Helsinki should be an attractive city for international corporations to establish themselves in. For the Capital Region to be an engine for the whole country business policy should be coordinated with neighbouring cities.

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A pioneer in climate and the environment

Helsinki should be an European frontrunner in ambitious sustainable solutions. Renewables, energy-efficient properties, and circular economy are examples of investments beneficial to both the environment and the wallet. The best way to get everyone to join in and combat climate change is to create economic incentives to do so. Helsinki needs to adapt such solutions on the city’s own operations as soon as possible and support the companies that develop and produce them.

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Helsinki needs versatile sports and exercise opportunities of high quality. Access to exercise services is vital for the wellbeing of the inhabitants. Sports facilities should be located close to the residents and should be accessible to everyone. Sports associations’ activities for kids and youth should be prioritized, and the opportunities for all children and young people to access them supported. When possible, hobbies should be situated in vicinity to the school day in order to make everyday life easier for families with small children. The voluntary sports associations within Student Unions play a crucial role in the wellbeing of students, thus, the city should support them with discounts on booking and better access to facilities as well as by making sure sports facilities are accessible in the vicinity of campuses. Helsinki should be a natural host for international competitions.

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