Ida Michaelsdotter Boberg


Ida, 27 years old.

A slight perfectionist. Stubborn, in a good way, and always looking to learn new things.
I’ve always loved to write and I try to improve that skill to the best of my abilities. I spend most of my free-time 
infront of a good tv-series or with whatever do-it-yourself project I have going on.

Name: Ida Michaelsdotter Boberg
Year of birth: 1994
Municipality: Larsmo
Member in:

Important political topics


I want to strive towards a more climate awareness in our everyday life. If we for example choose produce from local farms, help make sure to keep the environment clean and teach even the youngest members in our society how important the environment is for our survival, we've already done a fair bit.
It is the small choices we do that will end up making a different for future generations.

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Young people's well-being

Equality for me means that everybody, regardless of gender identity, age, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious affiliation or economical status, should have the same opportunities and possibilities.

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Climate-smart municipality

The number of young people suffering from mental ill-health has risen substantially the past years, with that rise the number of young people using drugs has also increased. We need to work on drug-prevention were the focus is on long-term solutions are vital in order to improve the current situation.

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