Bo-Christer Björk


"The unique identity of Kauniainen can be preserved also in the future - if we want it ourselves"

I’m a recently retired professor from the Hanken school of Economics, and still active in research. My family is bilingual (Swedish and Finnish). Through my grandchildren I’m well in touch with the issues that families with young children face nowadays in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

I’ve been a member of the city council for the past four years and particularly active in issues related to town planning. I’m politically unaffiliated, although I run for office on the election list of the Swedish People's Party of Finland. Doing so, as a member of the biggest local council group, it the best way to have practical impact on decision making. By “unique identity of Kauniainen” I refer in particular to garden city environment of the city, which I believe must be protected from the strong political forces demanding more rapid building, particularly in the city centre.

Name: Bo-Christer Björk
Year of birth: 1952
Municipality: Kauniainen
Town: Kauniainen
Title: Professor emeritus