Marita Backman


""I want to continue working for you and your well-being, security, smooth everyday life and good service, even during my fourth council term, I am here for you!""

I have been a member and deputy member of the city council of Espoo for a long time and have been actively involved in various committees. The officials and decision-makers are familiar to me, which gives me good opportunities to influence. I'm an economist and a marketer, nowadays even a writer. As CEO, I have become accustomed to organizing and taking responsibility. I have for a long time also been an entrepreneur, and I want to influence the concrete opportunities and also the public opinion around entrepreneurship. I am married, have four great children and am really interested in schooling /studying, children's and young people's well-being, exercise, healthy eating, hobbies, work opportunities... In my mind, I also have the single ones. In Espoo we have 50,000 households of one person; and in Finland 1.2 million; many of them older people. It is important to think about elderly care right now , as long as you are still active and can influence. - I am happy to support a wide range of cultures. I am a friend of nature ; among other things, hiker, sailor and winter bather - exercise opportunities are important. And so is a beautiful, clean and safe environment where we can easily feel comfortable!

Name: Marita Backman
Municipality: Espoo
Town: Espoo
Title: CEO. BSc in Economics. Entrepreneur

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