Antti Koivukangas


"When I speak, people tend to listen. Be sure to make your voice heard!!"

I was born here, I moved out and the moved back in again. Raised in Kråkholmen and now residing in Baggholmen, my studies took me to both Turku and Vasa before pursuing a long career in sports journalism at Yle. Today I work with communication at Snellman.

In my spare time I sing in a male choir, host events, trail-run in the forest and coach future goalkeepers for the local red football team. My family is the most important part of my life, consisting of a partner, two little boys and a Jack Russel named Tedi.

Name: Antti Koivukangas
Year of birth: 1978
Municipality: Jakobstad
Town: Jakobstad
Title: communications specialist
Phone: +358408691293

Important political topics

Entrepreneurship and employment

If our economy is not in balance, all the other good stuff is hard to do. We need to work together in the Jakobstad-region so that we can keep creating jobs, keep encouraging entrepreneurship and attract people from near and far to come join us.

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I love sports, I have since my first trainingsession as a six-year-old, thru my years as a sports journalist to my work today as goaliecoach with the FF Jaro U13 and U10 teams. Our goal must be to keep our population on the move, and provide them with the means and the fascilities to keep moving, regardless of age. Sports is great for social integration and keeps people healthy. Money well spent, in my view!

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The best school

Educational issues will be at the forefront during the next four years. Our elected officials must be ready to provide all our kids with a school that is healthy, safe and meaningfull at all levels in our educational system. The way to school must be safe, the buildings have to be healthy and provide engaging environments for learning. Also, afternoon activities that are tied to the schoolday are included in the bigger issue.

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