Anna Storå


"For a sustainable future"

For me, sustainability means taking care of our future and making sure that Helsinki in the coming years is environmentally smart, inclusive and equal, and in general a city where its citizens thrive.

Taking care of our future means taking care of our future citizens and making sure Helsinki is a livable and friendly city, a home for happy residents.

I'm born and bred in Helsinki, currently living in Lauttasaari with my family. I'm also a sociologist, and an expert in communications and marketing, who values sustainability and equality. Part of sustainability are physical and mental wellbeing, topics I find extremely meaningful. I'm studying currently to become a yoga teacher, to be able to support the wellbeing of myself and others.

Name: Anna Storå
Year of birth: 1980
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Lauttasaari
Title: Senior advisor in digital communications

Important political topics