Anita Sundman


"Regional, municipal and local viability"

Master of social sciences and of economics with engagement in common issues. Coordinator at Career services, Åbo Akademi, lives in Österhankmo, married, three adult children. Vice chairman of the municipality board, also engaged in several other boards in both private and public sector. I’m a lifelong learner, a runner and I enjoy spending time by boating in the archipelago. I already have two periods as representative, now in the running for a third.

Name: Anita Sundman
Year of birth: 1966
Municipality: Korsholm
Town: Österhankmo
Title: coordinator, career services

Important political topics

Well-run economy and business

A regions viability is closely related to economics and business. Mustasaari is a vital part of the Vaasa region. What Mustasaari does, has impact on the regions viability and vice versa – we don’t live in a bubble. Our common goal is a thriving region that attracts people and enterprises. This means both large, for the region important investments, and small, locally supporting efforts and all this to be included in one economic frame. To do our part, we’ll need to:
• be even more innovative in finding new ways of accomplishing projects. In cooperation with neighbour communities and associations, offer opportunities to reference projects with the community
• energize the cooperation with our neighbour city. We need more formal and informal meeting oppotunities for representatives and personell for developing and discussing common interests and issues
• always remember to tell about the good life available here in our region. Our beautiful villages are an important part of regional competitiveness. Here, we are living the good life close to nature, to work, to culture.... it's valuable for us who live here and for those who are interested in moving here.
• Besides the developing of the Ostrobothnian Welfare organisation, we need to put effort on developing Mustasaari into the new reality as well, both as organisation and as serviceproducer,

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