André Martinez


"The future is in the hands of the youth! You must be the change you want to see in the world!"

I want to work for education, innovation and equality. Major investments are needed around the well-being of young people. I want to see an innovation strong and young municipality council. We need major environmentally friendly and substantial investments. A willingness to invest in equality and solidarity. I want a city where young people can build their future, a city that makes long-term, sustainable decisions. Responsibility, innovative perspecitves and well-being are the key words when I go to the municipal elections in the spring of 2021. Vaasa must be a city where all people are integrated and well-being is a priority. My three election promises are simple:

1. A viable economy and a flexible labour market
2. A guaranteed quality education
3. An equal and sustainable Vaasa, where the well-being of young people is a priority.

Name: André Martinez
Municipality: Vaasa
Town: Vaasa
Title: Student
Member in:

Important political topics

Well-run economy and business

A sustainable Vaasa is created through climate-smart solutions and locally produced food. Vaasa has all the prerequisites to be a leader in sustainable solutions, and the city must be involved and contribute to the work. That means I want to work for
- A viable economy & as well as a dynamic labor market
-A Larger environmentally friendly and dynamic investments
-A sustainable Vaasa
-THAT the city is climate neutral in 2030

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The best school

Vasa should be a city with faith in the future. With good educational opportunities and the opportunity to influence their local environment, I want to create a Vaasa where young people thrive and feel good. This means that I want to work for:
-THAT high-quality education is guaranteed
-THAT the early childhood education is arranged at a reasonable distance from home
-THAT hobby supply is diverse and includes everything from sports to culture

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Young people's well-being

I want to make sure that all the young people in Vaasa feel good and feel included. This is a prerequisite for us to want to live in Vaasa. I want to see a city where everyone is welcome and where everyone wants to stay and live a good life. Unfortunately, this is not the case and the wellbeing of young people is in danger! if we do not dare put a stop to this, we are will be in trouble! That is why I want to work for:
-THAT there is a will to invest in equality and solidarity.
- THAT greater investments are made around young people's well-being
-THAT young people's well-being is prioritised through preventive measures
-THAT investments are being made in, among other things, outreach youth work as a measure to reduce marginalization among young people

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