Martin Andersson


"Working for the inhabitants of Sipoo with knowledge and experience."

I am 57 years, married to my wife Elina and we have two adult sons. I work as a chief specialist for a government authority. I have a long working experience in communications regulation and international cooperation.

In my spare time you will find me on the basketball court and the athletics field. I have been chairman of Hukkabasket and If Sibbo-Vargarnas athletics section. I have also written ten books. In the summer I also spend time in the archipelago with family and friends.

I am running for the second time in local elections. In the years 2001-2004 I was a member of the leisure section working for sports and culture. As a local politician, I want to listen to people and to expertise and make good decisions for the inhabitants of Sipoo. municipal residents. Growth is good if it is under control. Too rapid growth could in worst case lower the quality of life in Sipoo. The level of services in Sipoo should be developed. I want to improve the range of services for both municipal and commercial services. Sipoo needs better communications and more stores. Passenger train traffic between Nickby and Kerava can be resumed without major investments. Sipoo needs a indoor swimming pool. The finances should be improved with open and good management and sensible decisions.

Name: Martin Andersson
Year of birth: 1964
Municipality: Sipoo
Town: Södra Paipis/Sibbo

Important political topics