Elin Andersson


"I want to see long-term decisions for our environment and future generations ."

I´m a social person who likes being active and have experience of project management. In my free time I´m fencing Epeé, and I work as an international coordinator at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

In politics I have an interest in climate change and the environment and I´m also a member of the environmental committee of SFP. As chairperson of the board of the Uudenmaa wastecommittee I have been part of working on making the plastic recycling more available. The A-company (A-yhtiö, the city’s housing company) where I sit as a board member, has now been installing solar panels on some of its buildings in cooperation with the eclectic company Porvoo energy.

Name: Elin Andersson
Year of birth: 1989
Municipality: Porvoo
Title: MSc. (Political sciences)
Email: elin.ea.andersson@gmail.com
Member in:

Important political topics

Climate-smart municipality

A lot can be done for the environment on the local level. In the procurement processes and when bundling the environment should be an active aspect. Also more effort could be put in to different energy solutions. Porvoo should also work on better internal public transport och environmental friendly construction.

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Housing and construction

Porvoo has to keep itself current and up to date to get new inhabitants and entrepreneurs. This includes infra projects like kindergartens, schools and service centers. However, this demands a longer perspective in politics and decisions for the future.

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Healthy residents

Porvoo should put more effort in to preventive measures of different kind. This can save a lot in the social and healthcare sector. For example, services and help at home for young family’s trough the child health centers, working day-care and free time activities for families with parents working shift work and supporting free time activities ans sports for all ages.

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