Aldo Sari


"Vote for a beautiful Turku-Åbo"

I was born at the Heideken hospital in 1990 and lived my young year in the beautiful wooden houses of the city.

I never understood why the city, once such a beauty, had been destroyed by building soviet-style concrete blocks. I want to make the city beatiful again by promoting new classical architecture and beautiful neo-traditional open public spaces.

My free-time hobbies include rugby and going to the gym. I like to read a lot, specially about urban planning, architecture and the history of Turku. Outside of my free-time, I work as a tax clerk.

Name: Aldo Sari
Year of birth: 1990
Municipality: Turku
Town: Turku
Title: Tax Clerk

Important political topics

Housing and construction

I want to build traditional and new classical architecture in the city, and get rid of the grey DDR-blocks that fill the city.

Beautiful buildings and surroundings bring value to both citizens and the city. There is a reason why the old parts of the riverbank are the most cozy places to be.

Neo-classical revival is happening already in Sweden, Germany, Britain and many other places. Why not in Turku?

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We need to build more housing in the city that is both of quality and affordable for our residents.

By quality I mean that we should stop with the small and expensive studios in soviet-blocks at the outskirts of the city. Neo-classical apartments with high ceilings and larger units or beautiful row houses with gardens.

The cost of housing has a direct effect on purchasing power and how much money our residents can use for small-business services, for food, for leisure. We need quality housing for all, not just the bare minimum. We have to make sure that the cost of living in Turku doesn't skyrocket, as in Helsinki.

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Public transport

I support the re-construction of the tramway. I think tramways are the most comfortable and easy way of public transport. It also profits those who live in the city centre and tightens the urban core. Tramways also fit in double the amount of passangers than buses, so we'd need less traffic in the centre.

I own a car myself, but I don't think that this city need more parking garages. We need a functioning spine for our public transport network that the buses just can't deliver.

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