Linda Ahlblad


"Pro well-being, local nature, culture, Central Park and Helsinki-Malmi Airport. Fighting ugly architecture, corruption and management by city servants."

I am a deputy member of Helsinki City Council and the Audit Committee of Helsinki, CEO and Swedish translator at Pauhu Ltd as well as chair of the school board at Minervaskolan and of Kites ⁠–⁠ Language Cluster Finland. I am also a board member of Finnish Language Service Providers (SKY), member of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL), treasurer of the Swedish People's party in Töölö and district board member of the Swedish People's party in Helsinki.

I was born on 12 January 1978 at the Women’s Hospital in Helsinki and grew up in the city's Ullanlinna district. I took my matriculation exam at Svenska normallyceum in 1996 and studied Swedish translation, general linguistics and computational linguistics at the University of Helsinki, as well as experience tourism at Länsi-Lapin ammatti-instituutti in Muonio.

I live in Etu-Töölö with my husband, three six- to ten-year-old children and a miniature schnauzer. My family is bilingual (Finnish and Swedish) and our children go to Swedish primary school and preschool. The most important things in my everyday life are quality time with the family, my entrepreneurship and spending time outdoors.

Name: Linda Ahlblad
Year of birth: 1978
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Etu-Töölö, 00100 Helsinki
Title: Entrepreneur
Phone: +358408668669
Member in:

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