A pioneer in climate and environment questions

We want Finland to be a pioneer in questions related to the climate and the environment. Finland strives to be climate neutral in 2035. To curb climate change and preserve biodiversity, we must adopt a wide range of measures on many different levels. Many municipalities are frontrunners in finding climate solutions that are adapted to regional conditions and support sustainable trade and industry as well as climate-smart jobs in the municipality.

  • We want to promote climate-smart development. Municipalities play a crucial role in Finland’s climate targets and their achievement. The use of renewable energy must be encouraged and that of fossil fuels phased out, especially in heating.
  • Sustainability must be promoted in zoning and construction, as concerns construction material as well as energy consumption. We must build with the future in mind and ensure that there are adequate resources for maintenance. We want to see more wood construction in municipalities in order to reduce our climate stress.
  • Municipal procurement is an important tool in climate efforts, for example, to promote climate-smart solutions and local production.
  • We want traffic emissions to be halved by 2030, compared to 2005 levels. We want to increase the number of charging stations for electric cars and refuelling stations for biogas cars, as well as promote a parking policy that supports climate-friendly cars.
  • We want more and more people to use sustainable means of transport. We want to ensure good connections, good traffic planning and vehicle-free areas.
  • We promote well-functioning public transport and a variety of mobility services – life without a car must be easy, especially in cities.
  • Well-functioning public transport means routes connecting suburbs to the city centre as well as cross-city routes. Regional traffic linking central cities and smaller municipalities further away must be developed. Stops must provide cover from the weather.
  • Fast and reliable network connections improve conditions for remote work and support the digital competitiveness of the whole country. This also applies to the archipelago and rural areas. Good network connections call for cooperation between the state, municipalities and various network operators.
  • The Baltic Sea is threatened by eutrophication and climate change. We strive to reduce the load on it, for example by enhancing wastewater treatment and increasing the recycling of nutrients.
  • We want municipalities to address the decline in biodiversity by targeting adequate resources for spreading information and supporting voluntary environment protection measures.
  • As part of persistent climate efforts, we want municipalities to focus on reducing unnecessary waste in their operations. This calls for well-functioning waste recovery, reuse and treatment, including an adequate number of collection points.

A well-managed economy and the best possible conditions for trade and industry

The economies of municipalities are strained, and the coronavirus pandemic has further exacerbated the situation. We wish to emphasise the importance of our values under these difficult economic conditions. A well-managed municipal economy provides the best possible conditions for smooth daily operations in the municipality. Municipalities play a key role in the health and social...

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